Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bert Jager

[Germany] (b 1919/d 1998)

The Artist in 1988

"Bert Jäger went to school in Karlsruhe and studied from 1934 to 1939 at the Art Academy , with Hermann Goebel and Siegfried Czerny ,among others. (..) he was wounded in Battle after being recruited by Wehrmacht in 1939...after some time in a Vienna hospital,he was again sent to the front where he became a prisoner of the Soviet Army in 1944...After his return from captivity Bert Jäger also resumed his artistic activity (..) In the following years he received numerous public contracts, so he designed, among other 1958 a mural for the Interior Ministry in Stuttgart and a year later, together with Richard Bampi a ceramic wall in the employment office in Freiburg.(..) In addition, Jäger worked as a commercial artist : he designed stamps, illustrated books and worked as a photographer.(..) In the early sixties, Bert Jäger - influenced by Abstract Expressionism - made the transition to gestural painting. His versatile activities as a photographer, graphic designer and writer were incorporated into work and influenced his collage-like style between color fields and figuration. (..)"


Germany 1956 "Humanitarian Relief Fund" (4,4,4) [Litho] Sc(B350,...,B353) [ Image credit of Stampworld ]

Germany 1957 "5th Centenary of Freiburg University" (1) [Litho] Sc(766)

Germany 1957 "Humanitarian Relief Fund" (4,4,4) [Litho] Sc(B356,...,B359) [ Image credit of Stampworld ]

Germany 1959 "Humanitarian Relief and Welfare Funds" (4,4,1) [Litho] Sc(B371)

Germany 1961 "Humanitarian Relief Funds" (4,4,4) [Litho] Sc(B376,...,B379) [ Image credit of Stampworld ]

Germany 1963 "Freedom from Hunger" (1) [Litho][Recess] Sc(856)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Roy Gjertson

[USA] (b 1926)

"A native Minnesotan, Roy Gjertson served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II as a radio operator and gunner aboard B-24 bombers. When the war ended, he returned to civilian life and to his first love: drawing. After graduating from art school, he took a series of jobs as an illustrator for aviation companies in the Los Angeles area. (..) In 1969, he was hired as an illustrator and designer for General Dynamics in San Diego. During two decades there, he drew everything from B-24s to space shuttles to cruise missiles, the images enlivening pamphlets, proposals, reports, in-house publications. He also found time to illustrate several books..(..)"

Photo and Biographical Data :

USA 1963 "The Battle of Gettisburg" (1) [Recess] Sc(1180)

USA 1975 "Mariner 10" (1) [Recess][Litho] Sc(1557)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Stig Asberg

[Sweden] (b 1909/d 1968)

" Stig Asberg studied at Konstfack in Stockholm and became relatively famous in 1936 with illustrations made for a book by Gustav Sandgren...(..) He then developed a close cooperation with several Swedish writers., and apart from illustrations for books, he also designed postage stamps and notably etchings, often of landscapes. He was heavily influenced by the experience of living in several of the countries around the Baltic Sea as a child and by the harsh conditions under which he lived as a youth, on the verge of starvation, in Södermanland. (..) There are works by Åsberg in the collections of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm and the National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen, among others.


Sweden 1955 "Death Centenary of Atterbom (Poet)" (2,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess] Sc(484,485)

Sweden 1958 "Birth Centenary of Selma Lagerlof" (3,1) [Engr (Sven Ewert)][Recess] Sc(532,...,534)

Sweden 1959 "Birth Centenary of Von Heidenstam (poet)" (2,1) [Engr (A. Walhorn)][Recess] Sc(541,542)

Sweden 1960 "Birth Centenary of Froding (poet)" (2,1) [Engr (Czeslaw Slania)][Recess] Sc(561)

  Sweden 1961 "Nobel Prize Winners" (3,1) [joint effort with V. Forsberg][Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(603,...,605)

Sweden 1962 "Nobel Prize Winners" (2,2,2) [joint effort with V. Forsberg][Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(617,618) [ image credit of stampworld ]

Sweden 1963 "300th Anniversary of the Swedish board of Health" (3,1) [Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(629,630,631)

Sweden 1963 "Nobel Prize Winners" (2,2,2) [joint effort with V. Forsberg][Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(637,638) [ image credit of stampworld ]

Sweden 1964 "Nobel Prize Winners" (2,2,2) [joint effort with V. Forsberg][Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(673,674) [ image credit of stampworld ]

Sweden 1965 "Swedish Monuments (3rd Series)" (2,1) [Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(677,678) 

Sweden 1965 "Nobel Prize Winners" (2,2,2) [joint effort with V. Forsberg][Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(673,674) [ image credit of stampworld

Sweden 1966 "Birth Centenary of Nathan Soderblom" (2,1) [Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(693,694)  

Sweden 1966/1967 "Various Designs" (5,5,1) [Engr (H. Gutschmidt)][Recess] Sc(720)

Sweden 1966 "Death Centenary of Carl Almqvist" (2,1) [Engr (Czeslaw Slania)][Recess] Sc(707,708)

Sweden 1966 "Nobel Prize Winners" (2,2,2) [joint effort with V. Forsberg][Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(710,711) [ image credit of stampworld

Sweden 1967 "85th Birthday of King Gustav VI Adolf" (2,1) [Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(765,766)

Sweden 1967 "Nobel Prize Winners" (2,1)[Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(769,770[ image credit of stampworld

Sweden 1968 "Nobel Prize Winners" (2,2,2) [Engr (A. Wallhorn)][Recess] Sc(804,805) [ image credit of stampworld ]

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Roger Chapelet

[France] (b 1903/d 1995)

"Roger Chapelet encountered the marine world for the first time when going aboard the "Rollon" , where his brother was a radio officer, in Marseille harbour. It was the outset of his career as a marine painter. At that time he made a set of paintings in differents harbours : Le Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, London ... He boarded a ship for the first time in 1929 to discover new horizons and then he got on sailboats to paint the fishing expeditions on the Banks of Newfoundland and in Greenland. In the 1930s he became the poster designer of main French Shipowners and in 1936 he was promoted to "Painter of the French Navy" and became a member of the Marine Academy.
Invited by some shipowners he boarded some cargo boats between France and Algeria. Then he traveled around the world on cargo-boats of course but also on three or four masters ships . During the second World War, he served between 1939 and 1945 as a supply officer of the Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, then in Indochina in 1946, while keeping on painting different operations fields and naval engagements. Returning to the civilian life, he went being the poster designer of several compagnies : Compagnie Mixte, Paquet, Générale Transantlantique, Fraissinet etc. "


Republic of Congo 1962 "Air Mail / 'Point Noire' International Fair" (1) [Photo (Delrieu)] Sc(C6)

Comoro Islands 1964 "Native Canoe" (4,4,4) [Photo] Sc(61,62,C10,C11)   [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Wallis and Futuna Islands 1965 "Inter-Islands Ship" (1) [Photo] Sc(168)  [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Gabon 1965 "Air Mail / Old Ships" (4,4,4) [Photo] Sc(C30,...,C33)  [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Comoro Islands 1966 "Comoro Views" (4,4,4) [Photo] Sc(67,68,C18,C19)   [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Central African Republic 1968 "River Craft" (5,5,5) [Engr (G. Aufschneider 10f)(P. Forget 30f)(M. Monvoisin 50f)(J. Miermont 100f,130f)][Recess] Sc(100,...,112,C62,C63)  [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Gabon 1968 "Stamp Day" (1) [Engr (Delpech)][Recess] Sc(234)

France 1971 "L'Antoinette" (1) [Engr (charles Durrens)][Recess] Sc(1301)

France 1972 "Côte d´Émeraude" (1) [Engr (Claude Durrens)][Recess] Sc(1343)

France 1973 "France II" (1) [Engr (Charles Durrens)][Recess] Sc(1377)

France 1974 "Sauvetage en mer" (1) [Engr (Claude Durrens)][Recess] Sc(1401)

France 1975 "La Melpomène" (1) [Engr (Claude Durrens)][Recess] Sc(1459)

[Updates are possible in the period after 1968 for some former French colonies..].